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Monday, September 18, 2006

Continuous Querying Article on August JDJ issue

Myself and gideon puttogether a rather simple use case to illustrae the power of the continuous querying technology and reached out to Java Developer Journal. They apparantly found this to be powerful enough - it became the front page feature articel for their August issue.

Java Feature — Building Real-Time Applications with Continuous Query Technology
— The client/server development model prevalent in the mid-1990's resulted in extremely easy-to-build rich GUI applications that interacted directly with a relational database. 4GL tools such as Visual Basic and PowerBuilder let even junior developers visually compose both the presentation and most of the backend data binding. While this made for impressive Rapid Application Development (RAD) productivity, the client/server architecture was severely challenged when dealing with real-time environments where the data changes rapidly and applications require visibility to the correct data at all times. As a result, client applications were forced to poll the database continuously to check for changes.